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Capaware!, a 3D multilayer geographical framework

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Capaware Application

We are gathering information on projects and developments you have developed using Capaware or its source code. We would be very glad to have your feedback about what you have done with CPW. Related images would be very nice. Thank you very much everyone for the enthusiasm you gave us with your comments about Capaware.

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Linux version of Capaware

Is now available the Linux version of Capaware. As you can read, this is a beta version, with all what that means. Please take a look at the Readme.txt file before anything else. We hope you find it useful. You can find the .tgz file into the rc2 version Linux installers folder

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Capaware rc2

There you have a new version, improved and more complete, of the development platform Capaware 3D for virtual environments. This new refactored version is fully developed by the Instituto Tecnologico de Canarias (ITC) in collaboration with the canarian private company InventiaPlus. The executable and source of this second version can be downloaded here from the Downloads section.

The RC2 Capaware includes new features and capabilities that allow a wide range of applications related to the management of georeferenced elements in a 3D environment. This second version is released, like its predecessor which was developed in collaboration with the ULPGC, under GNU GPL licence, allowing all interested companies to use it in their open source projects. The creators of these tool are open to new kind of collaborations.

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Capaware rc2 is available PDF Imprimir E-mail
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Banner rc2

Finally, Capaware's source code is available for its second version.You can get it from our Downloads section. There is also an installer for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. In the Forums section (we will try to moderate them as quick as we can) you can keep in contact with us, also you have all documentation available in Doxygen format in the Documentation section.

For those who have downloaded the installer, please refer to the "Capaware RC2 Reference Manual" in order to learn How to create your virtual Worlds or just use the example we have created for you. In the Documents folder inside the Downloads section, you have the pdf's of the Capaware rc2 course for users and developers (is only in Spanish, sorry for that). We hope to have soon the Linux version available.  

Do not forget that the Documentation component (Docman) in our site has some kind of problems with IE6 and IE7. All others, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome works fine. If you disable Javascript in IE its works nicely.If you click on the IE "Back" button once the error happens, you can also gain access to the download zone. Finally, if you use any other browser instead of Internet Explorer, it works fine too. 
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